Your Success Begins Understanding Your Why

Your Success Begins Understanding Your Why


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Understanding Your Why

Success Understanding Your Why

Understanding Your Why

Every person has a drive to succeed. Most don’t know it – YET – but it is there. Do we search for it? No. Do we yearn for it? No. But it is there. You see we are “trained” to not want it. We are programmed to not achieve it. I would even go as far as we are trained to stop anybody else from reaching that level of understanding. Your thinking…. “That level?” Believe me it’s not a higher plain of existence or knowledge at all. It’s a mindset. One that we have ambushed in our society by training each generation that it is “good enough” to trade their time for money. That we as a society “want” this for our next generation actually scares me. It’s not something I teach my son at all. I teach him to reach for his dreams, to be more than me and to be happy. This is something we have forgotten how to do. We stumble around thinking that we are happy, that making somebody else money is the norm. But is it? God I hope not!!

We all have a “Why” buried deep in our subconscious. No it is not the “man if I had a million dollars I would PAARRRTTTTYYY!!!” Why either. It’s the reason we get out of our beds in the morning. The reason we get dressed and carry on about our busy little lives. So do you understand your why? You probably don’t and that’s OK. You can find it. It’s not that hard.

How to Come About Understanding Your Why

Understanding your why is understanding yourself. What it is you want in your life. What drives you to be “you”. When you start out your day ask yourself “Why am I getting up?” Your answer will be simple. It will be to go  to work get that paycheck and pay the bills. But is that good enough for you? Please if your reading this I hope it is not.

You are here reading this because your not sure what this “Why” thing is all about and what it does for you. It does everything for you. It drives all your moves, it gives you the motivation to keep going even when someone downright laughs in your face. We all have a “why” you just need to come to the realization of understanding your why.

 A Video for You On Understanding Your Why

Below is a video from Simon Sinek. He is described as “a visionary thinker with a rare intellect,” Sinek teaches leaders and organizations how to inspire people. Please watch this video I think it will help you a great deal in understanding your why.

Just remember that your “Why” needs to be yours and yours alone. It cannot be what you think somebody else would want from you. It needs to be what you want from you.


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  1. Lynda Cromar
    Lynda Cromar07-09-2012

    I am so glad you are breaking the chain of poverty and poor mindset for you and your family. At some point the WHY becomes more than money. It becomes how to make something better, yourself, the family, the world!
    Lynda Cromar recently posted…How To Get Noticed – Your Social Network ProfileMy Profile

    • David Sabados
      David Sabados07-09-2012

      Exactly my sentiment. I want people to understand how important it really is. Thank you for the comment Lynda

  2. Kyle Schmitt
    Kyle Schmitt07-09-2012

    So true! If you don’t know WHY you’re doing something, or if your why isn’t big enough, you simply won’t have the motivation to do what needs to be done.

    • David Sabados
      David Sabados07-09-2012

      Hey Kyle thanks for the comment. Very true. I see so many people give up because of this.

  3. Franco Gonzalez
    Franco Gonzalez07-09-2012

    Great post David. This will help people who are struggling or maybe just stuck in that rut and not really knowing how to take themselves to that “next level”… great post!

    • David Sabados
      David Sabados07-09-2012

      Thank you Franco. It’s something I have discovered from both You and Dawn…. eyes wide open :)

  4. David Hutcherson
    David Hutcherson07-09-2012

    I just got introduced to Simon Sinek myself and he makes a good point. It’s not about what you do or or how you do it, the only thing that really matters is why you do it. Great post.

  5. Jenny Sung
    Jenny Sung07-09-2012

    Dave – so many people forget WHY they want to get up in the morning, let alone, reach their goals. I can see this wonderful article expanded to an entire series to help people fully tap into and change their WHYs as they evolve to continue to be inspired and be motivated! excellent Topic :-)

    • David Sabados
      David Sabados07-09-2012

      They do Jenny and even myself sometimes… I just have to remind myself every time I get down. Then boom I am on top again.

  6. Robert David Strong
    Robert David Strong07-09-2012

    Hey David,

    I went through Simon’s course and it is really powerful stuff, it allowed me to really focus on why I did things, and opened my eyes to more of myself than I was really aware of.

    There is so much power in “why” – it is what actually moves people, it can start a movement, just read his book and he explains it all.

    Our business was and continues to be built on our why – why we are in business, and it really floors small business owners when they hear or read it. It is almost as we are speaking a foreign language, as it is a rare accomplishment these days.

    Thank you for sharing this post! Keep it up!
    Robert David Strong recently posted…Internet Network Marketing Secrets ExposedMy Profile

    • David Sabados
      David Sabados07-10-2012

      Thank you for the comment Robert. It is even something I didn’t get for the longest time. Now that we understand that why we are all unstoppable.

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