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What Is Isagenix


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What Is Isagenix

What Is Isagenix?

So Just What is Isagenix?

I am assuming that you have visited my blog a couple of times (or not) and have been asking yourself this question. So what is Isagenix? It’s a good question and one that I asked myself when I stumbled upon it one day while researching some weight loss programs. So what I am going  to do first is give you a bit of my back story (while trying not to bore you).


What is Isagenix? A Little about me!

One year ago I was not feeling well. I am a soldier who I thought was in fair shape. (guess again). Anyway I was feeling very fatigued, with very bad headaches and no matter what I was doing gaining weight quickly. After about 3 months of putting up with it I gave in and went to see a doctor. After a lengthy examination and I could put my clothes back on, I sat in front of his desk and he asked me one simple question. “Describe to me what you see when you get a headache.” I thought well OK that’s odd but here goes. I described tunnel vision and not being able to open my eyes and having to lay down. Generally they were incapacitating. All he said to me (and keep in mind this is a military doctor) is “you freaking moron do you know what that is?” All I could do is shake my head and say “a headache”. He replied that is the oncoming of a stroke! How many of these have you had. When I told him 4 or 5 he told me I was a walking time bomb and I needed to do something NOW!! He told me to lose 30lbs and to change my diet “Drastically”.

That was a year ago. So I decided to help myself and take it seriously. I am so glad I did. I found another program that helped me lose a few pounds but not help me with other things I needed to address. Then I found Isagenix. I asked myself the same question “What is Isagenix?” I know I know you want to know what is Isagenix? I’m getting to it. On the new program after just a couple of months I lost the entire 3olbs my energy levels are through the roof and my workout has increased by 10 fold. It is nothing short of amazing. Not only that my cholesterol level, which was off the chart is back to normal and my blood pressure, which also was out of whack is back to better than normal.

As a matter of fact I am being lowered in my cholesterol medicine this very week.

So What is Isagenix!

what is isagenix

what is isagenix? Support System!

Wow where to start! OK what is isagenix? It is an all natural meal replacement and nutritional system. Basically that is all it is. But as I found out later on, it is so much more! The product not only helps you live a healthier lifestyle but it’s independent associates help you along the way. There is no “here’s your product now see you later”. No No No. You get personally coached by phone, email and even in Facebook groups that you are signed up to by your independent associate. Support! What a concept! Who doesn’t need it?

You even have access to you own website with instructional videos and training and get this a video of exercises to help you along. This website is yours. Yes yours! Nobody else has access to it unless you give them access. Also included is recipe ideas and etc. etc. etc. The list goes on.

The way it is setup is also marvelous. You merely shift your grocery budget to the program. Can’t get simpler than that. So you stop feeding your body the garbage and feed it what it needs and Voila your body thanks you by either reducing it’s weight to what it should be or maybe even gaining the mass it should have.

What is Isagenix? Another Diet? Another FAD?

Now before you roll your eyes on me here, this is NOT a diet program! It is NOT a FAD diet! What is Isagenix? It is a nutrition system. You would be amazed what your body does when it is properly nourished and not bombarded with the daily garbage we tend to throw at it. I know I was. Also amazing at how quickly your body re-adjusts to nutrition.

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What is Isagenix Products?

Ahhh I was ready for you on that one. Check out my other post on Isagenix products and their cost.   CLICK HERE

 In Conclusion What is Isagenix

Isagenix is an all natural full body nutritional system that offers not only an amazing product but a whole team of people to help you achieve your goals whatever they may be. From losing 5 pounds to 500 pounds the people and system are there to help you to the very end. Now I hope I have answered your question to satisfaction of what is isagenix, if not please comment on the post and we can discuss it.



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