What are Detox Diets

What are Detox Diets


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Detox Diets or Cleanse Diets?

Detox Diets

Detox Diets


Gotcha!! They are one in the same!! Literally they mean the same thing. Some might have you believe there is a difference but they would be wrong. The concept is simple really! It is a fact that the air we breath or the food we eat and even the everyday items we use without a second thought are toxic. There really isn’t much we put into our bodies that does not have some type of toxin in or on it. Most people go through their lives like I did and think “Oh well whatcha gonna do” and don’t give it a second thought. It really is time you did give it some thought. Some serious thought!! These toxins are the major cause of almost every ailment that we as a human race face today. I’m no Doctor and would never assume to know as much as one would but it doesn’t seem like rocket science to me. Toxins in…. bad comes out… or worse…. STAYS IN!!



So Why Detox Diets or Cleanses?

OK!! So remember how I said that toxins were a major cause of our ailments today? Well it’s true. So if you want to lose weight you need to know what caused it in the first place. Right? Well most likely these toxins in the bad food you have been UN-nourishing yourself with are the likely culprit. It is strongly believed and I am one who does believe this strongly that “You are what you eat!” These toxins are hiding in your body and ambushing every effort you make to lose your unwanted weight. You know the fad diets or the starve yourself to death diets or here’s a good one I heard on the radio….. ready for this…. The Apple Diet!!! hahahaha… don’t believe me look it up. This stupid diet exists and people actually do it.

So here is some new for you. If you don’t get rid of these Toxins…. You are sabotaging your own efforts. If you don’t detox or cleanse yourself of these toxins at a cellular level you are only increasing these toxins with every diet you try. You lose the weight then BAMM!!! It’s back “Bigger and Better than ever”

Schematic of Detox diets or Cleansing

Detox Diet

Detox Diet












So as you can see Detox Diets are a much more efficient way of not only losing your unwanted weight but keeping it off long term. Not only will detox diets help you lose the weight but also to build lean muscle and form your body to the shape it was always meant to be before the toxins got a hold of you.


Are Detox Diets Colon Cleanses?

NOOOO!!!!! Now another confusion is that Detox Diets or more commonly known as cleanses are NOT!!!!!! Colon cleanses. Someone was not thinking when they named this because even I thought the same thing. “Oh no I am going to have to live on the toilet!!” This is NOT!!! the case at all. Detox diets are designed to rid your body of toxins at a cellular level. The Dreaded Colon Cleanse is to flush your colon. I won’t get into the details…. you have the internet….. you can look that one up yourself hehe…

So when your thinking of changing your life a little and maybe losing some or a lot of weight I would consider a good 30 day cleanse….. or Detox diets!


Looking for a Detox Diets or Cleanse? CLICK THE PICTURE BELOW!!

Detox Diets

Detox Diets






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