What Is A Good New Years Diet?

What Is A Good New Years Diet?


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The Information you should know for your New Years Diet


New Years Diet

What have I done? I told everyone I am doing a New Years Diet!

Now you have done it! You told everyone your new years resolution will be a new years diet to lose weight. In the back of your mind your thinking oh crap why did I go and open my mouth again this year. But don’t worry it’s ok….. YOU CAN DO IT… with a little help and your own determination a new years diet is a goal that you can achieve.  In this post I will give you some hints and pointers to boost your willpower. So don’t fret and shake your head and think another year another failure. YOU CAN DO IT!!!! I will outline in this post some tips that will open your eyes to the FAD’s out there and what you can do to avoid them. I know what your thinking…. I DO!! Your thinking “oh yeah sure, sure this guy thinks he has all the answers”. Well I don’t. But I do know that after many years of trying to lose weight that last year I found the answer that worked for me on my very own new years diet. I needed to lose 30 pounds and I did that in a very short time. So now your thinking “WOW, how did he do that?” Don’t worry I will tell you so keep reading.


Some Tips for you NOT TO DO on your New Years Diet

New Years Diet

New Years Diet

1. FAD Diets – You cannot go on a new years diet (or any diet) and then just stop. You will be the biggest Yo-Yo on the block. Yes you may lose the weight you want but if you don’t choose a system that you can continue on then guess what! Yep… you will not only gain back your weight but you will most likely gain back even more. Here’s the reason. Most FAD diets have you cut out whole food groups and of course it’s the food groups you love. You are persistent and follow through but when the diet is over what do you do? Exactly, you go back to those food groups with a vengeance because you want them so bad. Now your thinking “Well then what works?” Don’t worry I will explain at the bottom of this post.

2. Cutting out your meals to save calories – Most professionals (nutritionists) say that skipping meals to save calories will have a negative effect on your metabolism. I would strongly agree! Your body has a self preservation mechanism built right in. Cool eh? The problem is that 90% of the population is not educated on this. The body will store fat in anticipation of even more skipped meals in order to keep itself sustained. Did you know that? I didn’t! But I did find out. (the hard way) So what you should be doing is going to surprise you, EAT MORE! “What?” Yes I said it you need to eat more. But you need to eat healthy foods or snacks during your new years diet. Every 3 hours you should be having a meal or snack. Not just any food though. Remember I said healthy!

3. Banishing Bad Foods – Here is one of the biggest new years diet problems out there. Everyone tells you to stop eating the foods you love because they are bad for you. They are not wrong but not right either. This is the biggest reason you will fail. Yes you will start out strong because the diet is new but believe me that feeling will fade and it will fade fast. The key is moderation! To stop eating the things you love is like telling a smoker or drug addict that he can’t have his fix. Well you know what happens then…. he will find a way to get it! Hence a quick fail in the goal to be achieved during your new years diet.

4. Repetitive Fitness routine – A fitness routine is very important during your new years diet and all year long. Now that being said you should not think that doing the same routine everyday is a good thing. It is not! For example: Doing 25 pushups every day for 365 days will not help you lose weight. It needs to be changed up in order to work all your muscle groups throughout your body. Make sense? Of course it does! Also after your new years diet is complete and you feel so much better, trust me you will want to find new ways to exercise as your metabolism and energy levels will be through the roof.

Picking a New Years Diet Program for You

New Years Diet

New Years Diet

Ok now that you have some of the facts on weight loss and diets you need to pick a program that is sustainable for your new years diet. So what program do I need for my new years diet? Well there are many and I mean MANY!! You will have to do research and a lot of it. Keep in mind what I said in the tips – You cannot do a diet then just stop. It needs to be a program that is sustainable. I would also suggest you pick one that is all natural.

Now I am with Isagenix which is a well known international company in the field of natural nutrition. I believe in the product because I know for a fact that it works and is sustainable with a great network of support to help you reach your goals and maintain them. So choose wisely and remember YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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